Utilities & Services

Now that you’re packing your bags – you’ll need some utility information

Texas Public Utilities Commission




Local telephone service is provided by Centurylink. Residential and small business service may be arranged by calling 1-800-788-3500. Business customers may call 1-800-800-8494.

For more information www.centurylinkbundles.com .


ATMOS Energy, 800-460-3030
Emergency number to report escaping gas 800-817-8090.

Water, Sewer, & Trash Collection

Municipal Utilities is located at City Hall, 914 S. Main Street, Suite A. The City is in partnership with FATHOM Global Water Management, who is responsible for connections/disconnections, transfers, billing and customer service. For customer support please call (844)685-6349 or visit them at  https://copperascove.gwfathom.com/. All services and rates, to include water, wastewater, drainage and trash collection, as well as further information related to the City of Copperas Cove, can be found at www.copperascovetx.gov.