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Navigating the Five Hills of the city may not be easy, but Copperas Cove does enjoy easy access to Texas’ transportation network. Newcomers to the City of Five Hills must learn their way around streets circling those hills, which are at odd angles to the major thoroughfare, Business 190 or I-14, fear not, city and county maps are available at the Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau on Robertson Avenue.

Located an hour from Austin, an hour and forty-five minutes from San Antonio and about three hours from Houston and Dallas, Cove is the perfect place for a weekend of bicycling and automobile touring. Scenic back roads straddling the Coryell-Lampasas County line brings thousands of cyclists through the area each year.

For more information on this enjoyable family pastime, contact the Visitors Bureau at 254-547-7571.

The joint military and civilian Gray Airfield elevated local air transportation to a regional status. Located just four miles east of Copperas Cove, the airport houses a 70,000 square foot terminal to complement the 10,000-foot runway capable of landing a Boeing 747. The estimated annual impact of the regional airport includes 824 permanent jobs, $48 million in increased gross product, $30 million in increased personal income, and $13 million annually in increased retail sales.

We invite you to tour and experience Copperas Cove; our shopping, dining, entertainment, and lodging options offer the ideal place for every budget, taste or interest AND Here It’s All About You!”