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Military Affairs

The purpose of this letter is to explain what the Military Affairs Committee does and to offer you the opportunity to join the Committee.

Since the first principle of economic development is to keep what industry we have, the Military Affairs Committee was formed more than 50 years ago to promote Copperas Cove to the military community on Fort Hood. We have done this mainly through the committee dinners hosting soldiers and their spouses.

Typically, a committee member and spouse host a soldier and spouse. The evening starts with the Chamber members meeting their guests. Then there is a getting acquainted social period with an open bar. Then all are asked to be seated for announcements and the saying of grace for dinner. Next, the group goes to the serving line to get dinner and returns to their seats. When all have eaten, there are short speeches. Then it is time to say goodbye, and the function is over.

During the evening, it is appropriate for the committee members to give their guests business cards and to point out how the businesses of Copperas Cove can serve the Fort Hood community.

The cost of the dinner is $20 per host and guest. For 2 hosts and 2 guests, the total would be $80. The confirmed dinner dates are:

There is also an annual fee of $25 per couple or business to be a member of the Military Affairs Committee.

If you like the idea of promoting Copperas Cove by hosting soldiers and their spouses, you can join the Committee by phoning the Chamber at (254) 547-7571 and requesting that you be added to the Military Affairs Committee and that you wish to be a host at that dinner.


Thank you for being so helpful in promoting Copperas Cove,



Emily Urquirez, Chairman